I design brand stories. 


Brand stories.

Used to write them. Then the tools exploded beyond art and copy.

Here are ways I can advance a brand narrative: Advertising (Broadcast, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Experiential, Interactive), Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Content Strategy, User Experience Design (InVision, POP, Post-It), Organizational Design.

Corralling aimless, or too obvious narratives is my specialty.

Everything telegraphs. Anything can emote. Media is everywhere.


The deliverable that no one knew to ask for? That is my jam.

I tell the stories that sell the stories.

To do so, I’m half creative director and half strategic planner. My goal is the underpinning of an opening argument, with a delivery like I’m at a cocktail party. 

Very comfortable being lead presenter. Pitches. Client presentations. Discussing the industry with the industry.


This is something unusual: I’m culturally fluent in the African American consumer segment. 

Building departments and managing the buoyancy of creative people. It is like gardening with clever flowers. Intense and satisfying.


That's what I'm lucky enough to do everyday.

If I'm not doing that, I might be doing this. Or maybe this. Because even with all the fancy new ways I can tell stories, I still like to write them.